April 24, 2012

Jewish Hospital

One of the things I done while I was on the streets in Louisville was sneak into the Jewish Hospital, and ride the elevator to the top floor and watch tv all day. I could only do this on the weekends because that was the only time the departments on the top floor were mostly empty.

I loved sitting there because they had HBO and there was free coffee and donuts in the lobby areas there. I would drink 4-5 cups of coffee and chow down about 4 donuts. And then I would just fall asleep for a few hours. Most times the security guard would walk by and wake me up, and tell me that I had to go, but he was never mean to me about it.

I went there mostly during the days in the winter months when I didn't have the ambition to walk all the way across the city to go to U of L Library. When it is 20 degrees and 6 in the morning, you tend to find the quickest place to go to to get out of the cold air.

I was very thankful for that lobby.

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