April 14, 2012


For 3 days in Louisville, I laid in my spot really sick. Every time I would try to get up I would get dizzy and feel like I was about to throw up. It was the shittiest feeling in the world. And to make matters worse, no one even knew I was sick, so there was no chance of me getting help from anyone.

So I laid there and hardly slept, I was sweating, then I would get the chills, and stomach cramps, and all the shit that you hate when you have a house and don't want to be sick.

I was thirsty from all of the throwing up but I had no water or anything around to drink. I just had to be there and suffer through whatever it was that I had for that 3 days of hell.

Finally on the third day, I was able to get my butt up and walk down to the health department, and all they told me is that I probably had the flu. I tell you it sure felt like a lot more than the flu, but I guess they should know.

Anyway, being sick and living on the streets is really rough, because most times you aren't going to get the meds you need and like myself, you most likely will end up laying where ever it is you sleep at, because you aren't going to have the energy to walk all over the city trying to get medical help.

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  1. Hmmmm. I'm embarassed to admit that I never really thought about what homeless people do when they're sick.