April 12, 2012

One Night in Louisville

One night when I was sleeping beside a church in Louisville, I was woke up by two guys fighting just a few feet away from where I was standing. I sat up and started to watch because I wasn't sure whether they would attack me or not.

The fight got worse, it went from fist fighting to one of the guys pulling a knife and stabbing the other guy in the arm. I got my shoes on at that point and ran away. There was no way in hell that I was going to have the guy that stabbed the other guy see me and come after me.

I ran down the street to a pay phone and called the police, they showed up a few minutes later and I showed them where the fight happened, unfortunately both guys were gone. There was a lot of blood in the area but no one in sight. The police took my report and that was that.

Getting stabbed, shot or beat up were my biggest worries when I would go to sleep at night, you never knew when some asshole would be wanedering around with no good intentions. As I stated before I slept in areas alone and I liked it that way, but I always had to sleep with one eye open.

The cops that night gave me a ride to the shelter and got me checked in. One of them gave me $10 and told me to be safe and have a good night. They both wished me luck and that was the last I seen of them.

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