April 9, 2012


I was thinking about my time in Louisville, and I remember that one of the things that I use to do a lot was walk across the bridge to Indiana, and walk down to the Ohio River on the Indiana side. There is a state park on that side that is wooded and has trails all along the river.

I use to walk all over those woods and trails exploring, it was the only times that I felt totally at peace. I am not sure if it was the birds chirping or just the seclusion of the woods but I loved it there. If there is one thing I really miss about Louisville, it's those woods.

I remember one night I was there until after dark, and legally you are supposed to leave that park after a certain time, but I stayed in the woods and camped there for the night. I just leaned against a log on the ground near the river and watched the moon and stars. I was at total peace that night, and I have yet to find that kind of peace here in Florida. There is really no place to go and get away from all the craziness. No matter where you go, everyone is in a hurry or there is someone already there.

I just wish I could find that spot so I could once again have a little bit of peace for myself.

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